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Page Updated: June 17, 2016

Hello Bogleblurbers

Well here we are nearly halfway through June 2016 already, where does the time go?  ( I think I’ve posed that question a few times now on these blurbs). The answer is of course, once you reach a certain age, time runs downhill, and fast……
My God, so soon into this blurb and I’m already spouting deep philosophy. Or shallow cliches, take your pick……….

So 2016 then…what’s been happening in Bogleworld? Well, in mid January Pete Titchener and I took off for the lovely Island of Tasmania to take part in the Tamar Valley Folk Festival in Georgetown. A most enjoyable community festival, made even more enjoyable by the lovely scenery and the friendly locals. Carmel and I went on a wee holiday before the festival, there’s no better place for a holiday in Australia than Tassie in my opinion. A couple of holiday snaps for you…

Sunset on Lake at Old Wensleydale House, where we stayed the first couple of days of the holiday…yes I know, life on the road is tough…

We then went and bludged for a while off two friends of ours, Bob and Joyce Sharp, who live near the quaintly named town of Cygnet, Tasmania. God, the whole southern part of Tassie is really beautiful….

Carmel, Bob and Joyce

Eggs and Bacon Bay, Tasmania.  Our two lucky friends, Bob and Joyce
actually live here….

Then we did a house concert at the domicile of two other friends of ours, Peter and Liz, at the town of Franklin in the Huon Valley. It was a great night, a lovely house, and packed to the rafters….

Pete and Liz’s house, which they built themselves…cool……

Me with the chief organiser of the Tamar Valley Festival, Christine Atwell…I’m signing a CD for her sister and I’m smiling because I’ve just been paid…….

Then at the end of January it was off to Tamworth again to take part in the Tamworth Country Music Festival. It’s about the 10th festival in Tamworth that I’ve attended. John Munro flew down from Brisbane to join us and we did 3 concerts at a venue run by that National Living Treasure of Australia, Ted Egan. To be honest, if Ted hadn’t asked me to go to Tamworth to do some concerts for him, I wouldn’t have bothered. But a request from Ted is really a royal summons, so off we all went. And enjoyed ourselves as usual. When musicians stop enjoying playing live music, it’s time to give it all away I reckon.

Here’s some photos from Tamworth…….

John and I rehearsing back stage at The Frog’n’Toad, Tamworth. Well, John is rehearsing, I’ve just fallen asleep listening to him

The Three Amigos backstage at Tamworth. Or should that be the Three Stooges?

Next gig was concert at Sandgate Town Hall in Brisbane, a full house and a great night. John is now a permanent resident of Brisbane, and the concert was about 10 minutes drive from his brand new McMansion (complete with heated swimming pool. I knew I was paying him too much!). Spent a few days at his new house, very nice, and his wife Alana has kitted the house out nicely. John’s also acquired a four-legged friend, no, not a horse, a labrador called Hudson.
Although while we were there I thought he was called “You little bastard!”…..he’s just a puppy of course, and therefore chews things (a lot) and was mostly somewhat unrestrained in his general behaviour. He will improve of course as he grows older, (and a lot, lot bigger!), but labradors are usually puppies for a fair while. I know, I had a labrador called Jack for 16 years. He was only a puppy for 12 of them though…

Our next appearance was at the Port Fairy Festival. An old favourite this one, we’ve played there a few times. This was the 40th festival, a bit scary really, because I was at the very first one……it was also Jamie McKew’s last festival, Jamie has been the Head Honcho at the PFFF since the beginning, but finally relinquished the reins this year. He will now spend his time trying to appreciate the newfound peace and quiet that now surrounds him, and getting back in touch with the remaining shreds of his sanity and equilibrium. Mary Black was one of the main guests, a pleasure to hear her sing again, and John McCutcheon was another guest, a real professional and hugely popular at the festival. Steve Earle was also one of the guests, and I met him backstage after his concert. He turned out to be a bit of a fan of some of my songs, which was flattering. Surprising, but flattering.

One more festival to round of the gigging bit of this blurb. Pete and I went to Camperdown, Victoria, in May to take part in the Robert Burns Festival which has been held there for the past 4 years or so. The reason they have a festival for Scotland’s greatest poet in Camperdown is because the oldest known statue of Robbie in the world is in that wee Victorian town. How it got there is a long and vaguely boring story, so I won’t recount it, but suffice to say, there it is in Camperdown. It stood in the Botanic Gardens in Camperdown for over a hundred years, but a few years back some dickhead(s) vandalised it, so now it’s kept indoors at the local Shire council offices, not a suitable place really. There’s a big debate locally whether the statue should be restored and moved to a more suitable yet protected location. Others want another statue/art piece to be erected in the Botanic gardens where the statue used to be. It’s their town, so they’ll work it out eventually….

The oldest known statue of Robert Burns in the world, Camperdown, Victoria.

Another couple of piccys for you from Camperdown:

Our billet in Camperdown. Yes, I know, it’s a tough life on the road etc. etc.

The view from the verandah of our billet

Pete and I backstage at Camperdown. We’d just learned they had run out of malt whisky….

To other things. I’ve just finished recording a new CD. To some people that will be good news, to others not so much….there are 8 new songs from me on it, 2 from John, one from Pete, and one other, making  a total of 12 songs in all.  We have not mastered the CD as yet, we’ll be starting on that next week, as we hope to have the CD ready in time for our European jaunt. The CD will be called 'Voices' and as a wee taster we include on this web site a recording of one of the songs called 'Heartland' (click to play)

This is still a rough mix, it has not received it’s final sprinkling of fairy dust, but hopefully it will still whet the appetites of a few of you to rush out and buy the CD when it’s released. As to when that will happen in Australia, I’ve no idea, that’s up to Undercover Music, my independent Australian recording company. I should imagine that it won’t be until I get back from Europe in September, but I really don’t know, I’ll leave it up to them.

And that’s it folks. I’m off to Europe on 19th July, you can see where I’ll be performing when I’m overseas on the concert page of the web site. We’ll be pretty busy when we get back as well by the looks of it, but of course we have a new CD to promote…..I’d like to promise you regular updates on Bogle’s European Progress when I’m overseas, but we’ve both been hurt before by promises I didn’t/couldn’t keep, so I’ll just promise not to make any more promises….

Stay well, be happy, keep safe




PS. One last photo. Here’s me sunbathing at Brighton beach, Adelaide. I just love  getting back to nature…….





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